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DONlab users page

DONlab Re-design Committee

  • Dr. Gaurav Raina
  • Vinodh
  • Deepti
  • Sminesh

The information below is for (new) users of DONlab.

Lab timings

  • The lab will usually be opened at 8 AM on working days (Mon-Sat.)
  • Usually the lab does not close for lunch, as people go for lunch at different times.
  • In the evening, the last person to leave for dinner will lock the lab, if it is empty. It would be usually opened again after dinner around 8 PM. After that, the last person to leave the lab will lock it up.

Lab keys

  • There are three keys (A, B and C). The opening and closing of the lab has to be managed with these three keys. This system has been going on well for years.
  • An extra emergency key (D key) is available in RISE lab, CSE dept.
  • Whenever you take any of the keys, please return it back as soon as possible.
  • Make an entry in the register whenever you take any of the keys.
  • Do not go from the campus carrying the key with you. You might cause great inconvenience to someone else.
  • There is a list of phone numbers of hostel residents on the lab notice board.


  • DONlab has about 30 computers. Most of the machines run some flavour of Linux. Some are dual boot. There are two printers and a scanner.
  • ( is our mail/web/NFS/NIS/DNS server. To get accounts, please contact one of the admins (given below.) Storing large media files (songs, movies etc.) on lantana is strictly prohibited. Use local accounts on individual systems for that.
  • Do not remove any hardware from the lab without informing the adminstrators.
  • Network settings:
    • IP addresses: 10.6.21.x (static IPs)
    • Netmask: 
    • Default gateway:
    • DNS:
    • Web proxy: or (requires authentication)           
  • Laptops: There is wireless connectivity in Donlab. The wireless network uses DHCP. Please contact the admins to get the access code.

  • Accessibility: Connectivity to machines inside the lab from outside is currently disabled. Please use webmail for accessing mail when away from Donlab.
  • Printing: The printer is connected to abhogi ( The printer is NOT shared; you have to login into abhogi to print. There are two other smaller printers.
    • Before you print, think if you really need a hard copy. Do not waste paper.
    • Use lpr command to print from the command line.
    • As far as possible, print double sided in 'Economy/Toner save' mode (the HP2020 supports this.)
    • Do not waste paper. Return unused paper back from where you go it; DO NOT leave it near the printer.


  • DONlab has a library with some useful books.
  • Do not take books from the library without entering your name in the issue register.
  • Contact Padmanabhan for issuing/returning books.

Lab etiquette

  • Maintain silence. Keep your cell phones on mute/low volume.
  • When you go out, take your cell phone with you. Do not talk on your cell phone inside the lab. Please go out.
  • Do not waste time chatting on the Internet. Right now, there are no restrictions, but these may be enforced if necessary.
  • Switch off the lights when you leave the lab at night.
  • Before you print, think if you really need a hard copy. Do not waste paper.
  • Do not leave eatlables (biscuits, chocolates etc.) in the lab overnight.

'No dues' clearance

If you need to get a 'no dues' clearance from DONlab, ensure you have done the following:
  • Take backup of all important data, which you have on lantana, and on the machine alloted to you. Handover data that is important to others who will follow up your work.
  • Write the data into DVD (if needed) and give it to the admins.
  • Your home directory/machine must be empty (or ready to be deleted/formatted) when you leave the lab.
  • Hardware: Ensure you have returned all hardware/CD-ROMS etc. issued in your name. Check the Hardware Register.
  • Library: Return all library books issued to you. Check the Library Register.