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    1. M R Srikanth, "Speaker Verification and Keyword Spotting Systems for Forensic Applications" (pdf)
    2. R Padmanabhan, "Studies on Voice Activity Detection and Feature Speaker Recognition" (pdf)
    3. V. Kamakshi Prasad, "Segmetation and Recognition of Continuous Speech" (pdf)
    4. T. Nagarajan, "Implicit Systems for Spoken Language Identification" (pdf)
    5. Rajesh Mahanand Hegde, "Fourier Transform Phase based Features for Speech recognition" (pdf)


    1. Shrey Dutta, "Analysis of Motifs in Carnatic Music: A Computational Perspective" (pdf)
    2. Anusha Prakash, "Cross-lingual Speech Synthesis and Enhancement of Dysarthric Speech" (Submitted) (pdf)
    3. Akshay Bhandari, "Feature Selection for Anomaly Detection" (pdf)
    4. Aswin Shanmugam S, "A Hybrid Approach to Segmentation of Speech using Signal Processing and Hidden Markov Models" (pdf)
    5. Raghava Krishnan K, "Prosodic Analysis of Indian Languages and its Applications to Text to Speech Synthesis" (pdf)
    6. Ashwin Bellur, "Automatic identification of tonic in Indian classical music". (pdf)
    7. Subhadeep Dey, "Universal Syllable Based Language Identification System". (pdf)
    8. Cyriac James, "Relevance of Time Series Models in Network Traffic Modeling: In the Context of TCP SYN DoS Attack". (pdf)
    9. G. Lakshmi Sarada, "Automatic Transcription of Continuous Speech for Indian Language". (pdf)
    10. P. Manahar, "Multimodal Interaction for Personal computer: An application independent Approach" (pdf)
    11. S. Sree Hari Nagarajan, "Optimized Delivery Mechanisms for QoS of Traps" (pdf)
    12. Vinod Kumar Jammula, "Low Cost Data Communication Network for Rural Telecom Management" (pdf)
    13. G. Sathish Kumar, "Design and Analysis of Qos in an Ethernet Access Ring" (pdf)
    14. Sree Hari Krishnan P., "Voice Activity Detection Using Group Delay Functions" (pdf)
    15. Sadhana Chevireddy, "A Syllable based Segment Vocoder " (pdf)
    16. Deivapalan.P.G., "A Segmented syllable-based Isolated word recognizer for Indian Languages " (pdf)
    17. Venugopalakrishna Y.R., "Methods for Improving the Quality of Syllable Based Speech Synthesis for Indian Languages" (pdf)
    18. Sreenivasulu Nagireddy, "A Pattern Recognition approach to block cipher Identification " (pdf)
    19. Pranav.P Humnabadkar, "Pattern Recognition and synthesis of Materials Microstructures " (pdf)


    1. Sakshi Verma, "Discovering Language in Marmoset Vocalization" (pdf)
    2. Padmasundari, "Music Information Retrieval: Raga Identification using Machine Learning" (pdf)
    3. Jyotsna Thapliyal, "Human Action Recognition using Dense Trajectories" (pdf)
    4. Ankit vaidya, "Personalized Recommender System for Bollywood Music" (pdf)
    5. P. A. Manoj Kumar, "High Resolution Property of Group Delay and its Application to Musical Onset Detection on Carnatic Percussion Instruments" (pdf)