Today, in India and other developing countries the telecom network is fast growing and considered to be critical for technological development. But the growth rate in urban and rural areas is asymmetric. The telecom operators are often discouraged for rural deployment due to the factors of low Average Revenue Per Unit (ARPU). So, a rural telecom solution needs to be of low infrastructure and operational cost. It is evident that to maintain low operational cost, one needs to have a centralized Network Management System (NMS). One of the major components of a NMS is the underlying Data Communication Network (DCN). The conventional DCN options are often too costly and are also not freely available in rural areas.

We have designed a low cost, efficient and reliable dialup based DCN for telecom network management in rural areas. An analytical model is developed using the Extended Erlang B to compute the number of telephone lines required to meet the desired response time. We have validated the analytical model with the results obtained from the experimental model. >From the results we show that the desired number of telephone lines needed at the NMS to manage large number of corDECT systems is practically viable. A cost model is developed to compute the cost of the proposed DCN and compare it with other conventional DCNs. >From the comparison chart we show that dialup is a cost- effective solution for most of the network deployments. A generic DCN layer is developed which transparently fits in to the existing network management layers. Several deployments of corDECT in India and abroad with dialup based DCN are found to be successful.